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A Fresh Start

Tools for a fresh start of the day

Begin your meeting with a 30 minutes long guided meditation to directly experience a centered relaxation from which you can work more effectively. You will learn a short mindful routine that you can put into practice immediately. When done regularly, this routine produces long term positive changes in the brain that lead to better decision making, boosted creativity, as well as improved quality of life through higher resilience to stress.


Duration //
30-40 minutes


Trainer //


Davide Piai
– Trainer and mindfulness coach
– Developer of a mindfulness & meditation app
– Co-founder of HOME

As a passionate trainer and mindfulness coach, Davide aims to make the benefits of mindfulness and meditation more accessible. Having spend five years at a traditional Buddhist philosophy college in Nepal, Davide now offers regular workshops and daily guided mindfulness practices to teams and companies. Davide translates the knowledge he has gained over the past years into precise instructions that you can immediately put into practice. The hands-on mind training programs are aimed at creating a sustainably healthy mind and help high potential individuals to develop the skills they need to become the best leader they can be.





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