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"Through the magical sounds of the sacred instruments and the soft vibrations you will rebalance your body, mind & soul."

Through the magical sounds of the sacred instruments and the soft vibrations you will rebalance your physical, emotional and spiritual body.
The sounds of the sacred instruments give a deep sense of relaxation.


The soft vibrations of the singing bowl on your body will release any tension you may be holding. It will balance out the body’s energy centers and work at the cellular level to rebalance your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Sound of the used gongs and crystal bowls deepens self awareness and facilitate a shift in consciousness, this is where the magic happens and healing can take place


A sound bath is a deeply immersive, full-body listening experience.
While you lay down you bathe in the healing sounds from Cristal singing bowls, Gongs, the ocean drum and chimes.

Sound can penetrate where other therapies can’t and can re-tune us back to vibrational harmony, so that healing can occur.
These sacred sounds are meant to activate the alpha and theta brain waves which are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states. In these brain states you develop a space where we are able to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.


Everyone’s healing experience is different and unique.
Most will feel very relaxed and peaceful during a sound healing; some have visualizations, receive creative downloads or become emotional.
It often feels like you’re floating peacefully through time and space.

Everything presented to you at that moment is as it’s meant to be.


Program // 120 min.

– Nourishing check in with welcome drink
– Introduction & setting intention
– Soundbath healing – 1: 1

-Sharing your experience 
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Price //


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