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  • A fresh start - Guided meditation ( Eng )

    Starting your meeting with a 30 minutes long guided meditation to directly experience a centered relaxation from which you can work more effectively. You will learn a short mindful routine that you can put into practice immediately. When done regularly, this routine produces long term positive changes in the brain that lead to better decision making, boosted creativity, as well as improved quality of life through higher resilience to stress.

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  • A mindful workflow - Training ( Eng )

    Juggling the demands of today’s private and working life is not easy. Evolution has not yet caught up with the 21st century life styles so we need to help our nervous system to cope with stress. The reason why many organizations and leaders are turning to mindfulness are the well-documented benefits it brings.

    Yet for mindfulness to have a lasting impact we need to practice it regularly. In this Workshop you will learn how to integrate simple and effective mindful practices that can easily become part of your workflow.


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  • A productive day - training ( Nl + Eng )

    Often, the way we work is the very cause of our stress. There is a smarter way to do it: working in a way that fits our physiology and how our brain actually works. This way we’ll perform and feel a lot better.

    A Productive Day is a hands-on training that provides you with a clear and practical framework to structure your working day. It is an organic blend of mindfulness practices and mind hacks—easily integrated into the way you work. 

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  • Teken tour in het Rijksmuseum

    We kijken tegenwoordig snel, vluchtig, oppervlakkig. We zijn snel afgeleid. Door andere mensen, door eigen gedachten, door een apparaatje dat trilt in een binnenzak. Het zou mooi zijn als we ietsje beter kijken. Misschien moeten we wel leren kijken. En het fijne is: dat kan. Het is heel simpel en iedereen kan het: tekenen!

    Samen met een van de Rijksmuseum-workshopdocenten bekijken jullie een aantal werken en leren jullie door te oefenen een paar handige tekentips.

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