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Somatic treatment

Fridays at Room of Ideas

Connecting to their unique, innate abilities, encouraging the natural healing potential that naturally exists in your body to flow.

Experience a somatic treatment through somatic analysis and bodywork -by Amanda MacRae.


“In each session, I will use a combination of respectful touch and verbal communication, based on both your experience in the present and what I feel and sense in your body.
Together we look to transform old, unwanted, emotional, and behavioral patterns that have manifested in the mind and body in a limiting way.

My overall intention for every session is to invite my clients to have a closer relationship with their totalself.
To connect to their unique, innate abilities, and to encourage the natural healing potential that naturally exists in their body to flow.”


Session //
-Check-in ritual with welcome drink.
-60 min somatic treatment


€110,- payable via pin at the time of the session.

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